Team Grace Message December 4, 2013

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“Since believers are not under the jurisdiction of the Old Testament Law, by what or whom, are we governed? Are we in a lawless state of being, free to do without consequences whatever our flesh desires to do? Do we now use our liberty as an occasion for the flesh and see how much we can get away without paying the price? Many think that is exactly what will happen if grace is embraced as a lifestyle. Some accuse me of teaching such nonsense because they are eager to defend their legalistic view of Christianity in which they have so much invested.

Let’s go back to the question by what or whom are Christians governed? We are governed by the Kings of kings and Lord of lords. Under His jurisdiction the law of love is the law of the land.

Christians are governed by Christ, and the Law of His Kingdom is love. I have said it before but it bears repeating; love is the greatest constraining power against sin that exists.”
- Pure Grace page 116


Grace to you all,

Pastor Clark Whitten

Grace Church Longwood, FL.

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Team Grace Message for November 27, 2013

“Every day is a Sabbath day for us! Every day is a day of worship for us. Every day is a day of rest for us. We should rest all the time!Many Christians are so in bondage to legalism that they not only believe we should observe many Old Testament practices of worship and conduct, but judge others who don’t as being in sin. This is all a bunch of religious nonsense that reveals a deep resistance to the revelation of truth.”
Pure Grace page 116

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Team Grace Message for November 20, 2013

“There is great danger in relating to and applying the Law in inappropriate ways. One could say it is a matter of life and death. “…for the letter [law] kills, but the Spirit gives life” (2 Cor. 3:6) Pure Grace page 114

Paul calls the law “the ministry of death written on stones”. ( 2Corinthians 3:7). The law showed us that we were dead in our sins and we needed a Savior. Once we turn to Christ, the law has no part in our lives. One could accurately say that the law does not exist for us. When law is brought to bear in any form and applied to our lives it always ministers some measure of death. Paul told us to “cast out the bond woman and her son”! Turning to law keeping in any measure is to be considered adultery against Christ. We are to live regulated by the Spirit and he ministers life!

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Pure Grace Conference 2014

Pure Grace Conference- Promo from Grace Church Orlando on Vimeo.

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Team Grace Message for November 6, 2013

“Please, for your own sake, consider the possibility that the Good News is much better than you have previously thought, and that just maybe the devil is behind your present performance-based belief system. If you will look, you will begin to see! ” Pure Grace page 110

If the devil couldn’t prevent you from being “born again” his fall-back strategy is to limit your ability to receive the great good news of the Gospel in its fullness. The real truth is so compelling that it is almost irresistible and the devil doesn’t want that news to get out! He knows a “free from the law believer” is his most effective adversary. Stay free, my friends!

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